1. Another (late) animal sweater sunday piece!

  2. splendidlyevil:

    Artist Bio #6: Teressa Ong

    Teressa Ong is a socially awkward illustrator & an aspiring wizard. She enjoys watching cartoons while munching on animal shaped biscuits.

    Sooooo, I’m part of this really cool thing that I still can’t believe I’m going to be a part of!

    Super excited for this project/collaboration/zine/thingy, hope you guys are as excited as I am! Awesome artist bios are being posted so go follow the tumblr blog for ppg goodness! 

    Fox bandit. Bandit Fox. Yeah. *sneaks away*


  3. Had to pleasure of being interviewed by therhumboogie who is so very very kind ! I really enjoy reading the interviews he has done so super honoured to get to do this. c’:


    For my first interview in a terribly long time, we have the lovely Teressa Ong of Chopsticksroad talking about her beautiful illustrations and some of the inspirations behind them.


    Your work has a fantastic, distinctive aesthetic to it, how did you initially get in to illustration?…

  4. Geeky grim reapers

  5. Putting this here too because I had way too much fun with this to not. haha

    Did it to greet juniors back at school yesterday cause I was invited to speak to them for a bit. 

  6. Birthday painting for my super fab friend, Mandy! She draws lotsa cute ladiesss

    Tumblr: monoland 

  7. laughingbear:

    I am so proud to announce that the Katamari Collab is finished! After around 7 months since it started, the final piece features all 58 Katamari cousins and the King and Queen of the Cosmos, completed by 61 unique artists! All artists drew one Katamari character, and I did the Prince, background, and organized them all onto the final images.

    I want to give a huge shoutout and round of neverending applause to all the artists who’ve participated in this collab. They have taken time out of their day to draw these characters out of love for the series and this project. Without them, this project wouldn’t have existed-  all these amazingly talented artists are the heart and soul of this collaboration. I truly cannot thank you all enough!

    I made sure everyone is included, but if I forgot you in any images or links, or would like me to link a different social media on the google doc, or anything else, please let me know right away!

    Complete Masterpost of Artists and Image Files:

    Please do not alter/edit the final image or claim as your own, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License!

    High Resolution Image

    Grid Image

    Huffington Post article by Simone Collins of ArtCorgi

    Got be a part of some Katamari fun quite some time ago!

  8. abbydraws:

    a Sailor Moon and food collab with my wonderful buddies! (from left to right) krys-arts - chopsticksroad - abbydraws

    Tako Trio’s first collab! Whoop whoop!

    Krys & Abby are the absolute best for wanting to do this collab! (Especially when it was a random silly thought from my sleepy brain) 

  9. Another Animal Sweater Sunday thing. zobobafoozie & jellydraws just created a twitter account for all the adorable, fuzzy goodness so do check it out! 

  10. Painted over the back of a silly tag thing (It says “I ♥︎ sleep” on the front) that’s been hanging on my bag because it turned into a gross shade of gray after a few years. 

    Pretty happy with how it turned out!

  11. For today’s sketch dailies theme, Thumbelina! 

    Backgrounds are so hard, dang it


  12. Anonymous said: Hello! Your artwork is amazing! Could you please share with us your photoshop brushes? :)

    Hiya, thank you so much, too kind of you! 

    Of course I can, I actually use photoshop brushes by Kyle T Webster because they are super awesome! * V * I highly recommend them if your photoshop is compatible. (I think they require CS5 and higher?) I bought the Ultimate Combo Pack (Rough Inking 2 & Gouache A go go are the ones I use the most) & Ultimate Runny Inkers (Blot Bot Perfecto is my fave from the set). He has a couple of free brushes so you can test those out to find out how magical they are~

  13. Birthday drawing for the ever so sweet abbydraws ! <3

  14. For Animal Sweater Sunday on twitter~

  15. marcstreasurebasket:

    Teressa Ong - Marc’s New Illustrator - Free Space Printables - Coming Soon!

    Super honoured to be a part of Marc’s Treasure Basket , a lovely fun blog sharing knowledge about kids, fun stuff for kids etc! 

    I’m currently in the mist of doing up colouring pages, so the sketches are a lil preview. I’ll share em’ once they are up so in the meantime, check out the blog!