1. A quick birthday piece for the super sweet Space adventurer Dahlia/ dhlrn ! 

    Go check out her work cause they are super funnnn


  2. sprinklepixiedustworldwide said: I really like your art and your style of drawing and painting, and I have a question about paints, like, I've never tried gouache and I feel like I should definitely try it, but I don't know any good brand and I don't know how to start so i would really appreciate if you gave me some tips or advices about starting to paint with gouache, and some good gouache brands, thanks anyway ^~^

    Hiya! Very glad you like my work. C: 

    I’ve only tried a brand or two for gouache but Daler Rowney’s designer gouache paint is the one I use the most. I’m very sure there are better brands out there but Daler Rowney’s is the easiest for me to get here with a decent quality. 

    As to how to use gouache, I kinda just experimented with trying to achieve a certain look with the paint until I found a way of using it that I like. (My first experience with gouache was really just painting blocks of colours for a design class.) Not sure as to what tips I could possibly give unfortunately cause I’m still kinda learning to use it DX But here’s a link which I hope would be helpful : clickity click. My process is pretty similar to hers! In general, I find that a fair amount of planning is required when I’m working with gouache because you can’t really layer the paint, maybe if you use it like watercolours, you’ll be able to slowly build up the colours etc. And learning to mix colours would be very helpful cause colours turn muddy when you mix too many colours.  

    Try to experiment with it & have fun with the medium while getting to know what works and what doesn’t. C:


  3. phthal0 said: I love your art! I don't think you've answered this already but how did you get started at Paperplanes? Also, what advice do you have for someone who would want to get into a similar studio?

    Ahh, just realise I didn’t answer this?! So sorry! I’m super happy you like my work!! <3 

    To cut a long story short, a very kind person showed showed my work to the co-founder of Paperplane and she liked my work, contacted me, went for an interview/chat thing and I’ve been working there since! As to advice giving, I’m really bad at giving advice on job things. D: But I’ll say based on my experience at paperplane so far. It would be great if you manage to find/come across a similar studio and have an interest in working there. If you feel that your work suits the work of the studio, then contact them, link them/send them your portfolio, let them know you are interested in working with them. c: Or you can tailor your portfolio to suit the studio’s work if you feel that the work you have isn’t exactly what they might like but don’t completely leave out what you think they might not fancy as they just might!

    Paperplane is great that the co-founder (Chrissy, if you see her name on the site :B) is open to different styles of work, not just cute-ish style which I think is pretty much what I do haha and she likes experimenting with different styles as well for different stories. My portfolio was filled with mostly cutesy things which I hoped she would like as they were developing interactive story apps for children and I have an interest in children books illustrations etc, but there were a few that were very different from my preferred go-to style and she quite fancy those. So sometimes I do try to work with a different style with small stories that she wrote. Also, we’ve gotten a number of e-mails from illustrators that are interested in working here that have super cool work, less cute things that we really like as well but because their work don’t fit the general style we have so she offers freelance gigs when she feels his/her style fits a particular story or project very well. I hope I’m making sense. So yeah, you could enquire to see if they might be interested in letting you freelance on a project if they aren’t looking to hire etc. I hope this was helpful!


  4. strongedesigns said: Hey Teressa, I'm new to the digital coloring world and I love the texture brush effect you're using with your coloring. Is that a trade secret, or would you be willing to give me a rough tutorial on how or where I could see it used. I've been playing around with inking and coloring in Photoshop and Manga Studio, but I love the raw look like you have on the fox banner.

    Hello! Haha, it’s not a secret at all! (I have a little paragraph on my faq page actually) The brushes I use for pretty much all my recent my digital stuff are created by Kyle T Webster. His brushes are the best and his textural brushes work super well for me. I don’t think the set I got is up on his gumroad any more as he organised his brush sets but the brushes I have are probably in the megapack? You can try out some of the free brushes he put up and get a rough idea of how his brushes work? But I highly recommend them! The way I use them is pretty straight forward but experiment with them, that’s the fun part about his brushes. :D

  5. Did this last month but I can finally post it! 

    A birthday fan art present for James of his characters from his ‘Ojos En La Noche’ project which I absolutely adore. Added a little silly idea of mine to it since I have no idea what the original story is which I bet is super.

  6. Poison Ivyyyy

  7. Lil fan art for fawn-lorn & Adam Pritchett of their magical character, Broin! 

    Go check out photos of him here and their instagram accounts.

    Instagrams :  Matt | Adam

  8. Lil girls, with hats and boots for the 3rd week of the ‘7 Days of Color’ project by victoriaying !

    Another week of fun fun fun

  9. Foxes series for the second week of victoriaying ‘s 7 Days of Color project on instagram. Lots of fun working on these!


  10. Anonymous said: Just discovered your tumblr and just have to say that your art is so so wonderful and adorable and happiness-inducing!! I'm just starting out with watercolours and I try to copy your work for practice, I hope you don't mind! (Also yay you're from Singapore!!)

    Hello mysterious person which I hope weren’t mysterious. :B (You’re from Singapore too?!)

    You’re much too kind, I’m very glad it cheers you up, that’s all I strive for! Shucks, I don’t mind it at all as long as it’s for practice, I’m very flattered in fact UvU Have fun on your watercolour adventure!

  11. Realise I didn’t post up my art trade piece for the amazin’ nicterhorstsketch, go check out her work

    The colours are a lil off, editing scans of paintings is not very fun. I hope I’ll paint the rest of the sketches I did at some point. 

  12. sticker-zine:




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    Don’t know about STICKER ZINE??? READ ABOUT IT



    Ahhh, so I’m super late to realise this is for sale already! orz

    Really happy I got to be a part of this. Grab yourself a copy cause it’s super rad!

  13. I’ve got a dream.

    A dream to play the banjo.

  14. From last week’s Sketch Dailies prompt. Referenced a lot to this

  15. Another (late) animal sweater sunday piece!